The Brownsburg Museum

Take the Back Road to Discover A Compelling History, See Some Interesting Exhibits, and Visit a Charming Town


















Big things come in small packages. We take that to heart at the Brownsburg Museum. So why not take a little side trip to visit this historic village and community-run museum the Lexington News-Gazette deemed, “first class.”

While you are here you will learn about the early history of Brownsburg and experience some surprising special exhibits.

We are located in Northern Rockbridge County, about 18 miles north of Lexington, and just 27 miles south of Staunton. (It was our location between these two towns that made us a stagecoach stop in the 18th and 19th Centuries.)

The Museum is open on weekends from April until Mid-December, Saturday from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm; and Sunday 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm. Admission is free. Group tours and special visits can be arranged during the week.


From Lexington: For the scenic drive, take route 11 North out of Lexington, go left on Rt. 39, then right on Rt. 252, Brownsburg Turnpike. In town, look for the small green house on the right. Or, take Interstate: 81 North, to the Fairfield Exit. (Exit 200), go Left on Rt. 724 - Sterrett Road, left on Rt. 252 or the Brownsburg Turnpike, in town look for the small green house on the left. 

From Staunton: For the scenic drive, take route 252 South (the Brownsburg Turnpike) from Staunton, follow until you reach Brownsburg. The museum is just in town, the green building on the left. Or, take Interstate 81 South, to the Fairfield Exit (Exit 200), go right on Rt. 724 - Sterrett Road, left on Rt. 252 or the Brownsburg Turnpike, in town look for the small green house on the left.


NEW Back To School: Brownsburg Schools Exhibit




Pictures from the Museum Opening, August 2009







Museum Information



Numerous irreplaceable articles have been entrusted to the BCA with the expectation that the association will be able to preserve, catalogue, and display them for the purpose of informing and educating future generations. 


In response, the BCA has taken the initial steps to establish the Brownsburg Museum.  The BCA Board has sought out local residents with recognized expertise in specialized areas (i.e. building restoration and maintenance, museum practices and management, education, historical records, project management, etc.) and invited these individuals to serve on the Museum Advisory Committee (MAC). The purpose of the MAC is to officially advise the BCA Board of Directors on matters relating to the mission, development and operations of the Brownsburg Museum.  Additionally, the MAC is empowered by the BCA Board to perform specific duties (related to the museum) as assigned by the BCA Board.  The Chairman of the MAC serves as the museum project director, and will report directly to the BCA Board.  The MAC has agreed upon the following mission statement:


The mission of the Brownsburg Museum shall be to establish and maintain a museum to house and exhibit a permanent collection of 18th, 19th, and 20th century regional memorabilia, and to provide space for collections on loan, for the purpose of enjoyment and education of the general public and the rural communities of the Valley of Virginia.


Among the many who have generously met the Brownsburg Museum Challenge in 2008 is the Clan Wardlaw Association who gave a donation to highlight how "Brownsburg was laid out on the lands of Robert Wardlaw and McChesney." For more information on the Wardlaws' ties to Brownsburg, please visit or


The Brownsburg Museum Advisory Committee

The community is extremely fortunate to have among its residents persons who are recognized as experts in their fields, and even more          fortunate that some of these residents have agreed to serve on the MAC.  The depth of their experience, combined with their commitment to the project will ensure that the Brownsburg Museum project is a success. 

                      Richard Barnes, Museum Advisory Committee Chaircontact committee chair
                      Marsha Jones
                      Frank Parsons
                      Marie Coleman
                      Paul Hahn
                      Frank Rott
                      Kathryn Mirabella
                      Margaret Skovira


    The Brownsburg Museum Exhibit Committee

                    Dee Papit, Chairperson
                    Connie Huffman
                    Paula Zimmerman
                    Marie Coleman
                    Kim Heslep
                    Marsha Jones

 Museum Acquisitions Committee


Nancy Hahn, Chairperson
Isabelle Chewning
Richard Anderson
Cash Koeniger

Building & Grounds Committee

Michael Papit, Chairperson
Pete Loquet
Stephanie Loquet
Kim Heslep
Milton Reid
Betsy Reid 
Kenny Porterfield
Julia Bahbur
Marsha Jones
Penny Stegall
Frank Rott